"Anarchy in Cyberspace"

Now, here’s a story of how and why transhumanism isn’t going to cure what ails the human condition: Second Life, which I had not even heard of until a correspondent wrote asking to interview me about it a short time ago, allows players to lead virtual lives. Say, you are a lawyer and . . . . Continue Reading »

Why is THIS Called "Controversial?"

The Times of London is reporting,“Sir Richard Branson will launch his most controversial business to date as he moves into stem-cell storage and the biotech sector.” Huh? The stem cells in question come from umbilical cord blood. How in the world could that be considered . . . . Continue Reading »

Jack Kevorkian: Circumcision Consultant

With the murderer Jack Kevorkian soon to be released from prison on parole, he has to think about earning a living. According to this story, he has decided to go into business as what he calls a circumcision consultant. From the story: “Kevorkian was asked if his circumcision consulting might . . . . Continue Reading »

PETA’s Big Lie About "Gay Sheep"

A few weeks ago I reported about the anger expressed by some gay activists about animal research reportedly aimed at making gay sheep straight. I blogged the story, not in order to deal with gay/straight issues, but to point out its relevance to the hubristic human enhancement agenda.I soon received . . . . Continue Reading »