Extra-Depressing Chart

Well, since we’re on a roll into despondency this week, how about this chart, showing the Rise of the Independents?Note the how last year’s numerous and fundamental failures of Obama and his brand of liberalism translated into almost no further depression of Democratic . . . . Continue Reading »

On the (Weather) Front

 This is word from the frozen North of America.  We are up to 4 degrees below zero this morning.   We are not truly snowed in, but local schools, my college and many other places are closed because of the extreme cold.  I think that Alaskans are probably laughing at what . . . . Continue Reading »

Pot Thoughts and Pot Shots

Pot thoughts might refer to David Brooks’ getting all “making men moral” when thinking about legalizing marijuana.  Or he is getting all proudly Epicurean?  My big thoughts  on David and weed here, which aren’t anything you haven’t heard . . . . Continue Reading »

The Lameness of Rolling Stone

A great take-down of Rolling Stone Magazine from Nick Gillespie of Reason.His initial motivation is a very dumb/communist statement it published, but the overall idea is that the magazine, particularly on political matters, has become utterly doctrinaire, in contrast with its glory days in the 60s . . . . Continue Reading »

Happy New Year

Happy new year and here is why we have had ever happier new years in the lifetimes of anyone alive today.  Regardless of the politics of nations, or the decline of social standards, or anything else we might deplore or fear, the living standards of people all over the world improve.  . . . . Continue Reading »

Singing a Song of Love on New Year’s Day

So I was really, really moved by Carl’s defense of the Sixties, at their best, as part of America’s distinctively Christian counterculture.  I remember hearing these words a lot in bars and such in the very late Sixties:Love is but a song we sing,fear a way we die.You can make the . . . . Continue Reading »