American Hustles?

So Pseudoplotinus (aka not THAT Michael Davis) deftly sums up the long and intricately detailed film American Hustle:  “Just saw American Hustle. Great, entertaining movie but ultimately not serious about the ethical realities of its story. In the end we’re supposed to sympathize . . . . Continue Reading »

The Challenge of Pope Francis

So I did everything I could to make our pope’s teaching a challenge to BIG THINK readers.  It goes without saying that what I said goes without saying he should have said too.  The church should function as a relational, personal counterweight to both individualism and . . . . Continue Reading »

Our Elizabeth Warrens

The Republican establishment hung Ken Cuccinelli out to dry.  They deserve criticism for this, but where were the insurgent conservatives to come to his rescue?  Ever since the Dean campaign of 2003-2004, grassroots liberals have developed an infrastructure (and even more a culture) that . . . . Continue Reading »

White Trash and Christmas

So I was pretty moved by Ross Douthat’s observation that the first meaning of Christmas is something like the holiness of ordinary lives.  It would bizarrely anachronistic to say Jesus was born into a “white trash” family.  But the meaning of being born in a . . . . Continue Reading »