Talking Impeachment

Carl has commanded us to talk about impeaching Obama:  Little repulsed me more than the Republican approach to impeaching Clinton.  They acted that it was self-evident that he should be removed, and so they didn’t campaign on that case in 1998.  The result was, of course, the . . . . Continue Reading »

Why We Must Talk about Impeaching Obama

As a result of a couple comments at the House Judiciary Committee hearing last week, we perhaps begin to see the first sustained public discussion of whether Obama should be impeached. An NRO writer aptly named Jonathan Strong plunged into it Thursday. And yet, as few conservative pundits seem to . . . . Continue Reading »

Burke and Walker

So I’m out in her in Claremont for a conference on Strauss and Burke—or what Strauss says about Edmund Burke to close NATURAL RIGHT AND HISTORY.  For anyone who REALLY checks out what he says there, it’s the strangest part of a strange book.  Obvious points that might . . . . Continue Reading »

Scott Walker And National Issues

I read and mostly enjoyed Scott Walker’s new campaign biography. It is pretty good by the low standards of the genre. Walker is pretty clearly getting ready to run for president. Like Allahpundit said, Walker has the potential to appeal to both the Republican establishment and conservatives . . . . Continue Reading »


That’s “What Would James Madison Read?” Well, presidency scholar Benjamin Kleinerman says it would be The Contested Removal Power : I would venture to say that this is one of the few books emerging out of American political science in the last thirty years which James Madison . . . . Continue Reading »

Our Prince

It is a good idea in judging a political leader to place yourself in their position. Imagine that you had run for president with throngs of enthusiastic followers worshipping your every word and gesture, with millions worldwide wearing t-shirts with your picture emblazoned on them, with nearly . . . . Continue Reading »