On three different occasions I have had the privilege of sitting under Jim Jordan and Peter Leithart as they have lectured for the annual Biblical Horizons conference in Florida. Each time I have come away from these conferences with new insight into the teaching of God’s word, and rejoicing in the unity and coherence of the program of redemption revealed therein. Consequently I am thrilled now to learn about the founding of the Trinity Institute for Biblical, Liturgical, and Cultural Studies in Birmingham, Alabama. Peter and Jim are scholars of the first order as demonstrated by their voluminous writings. They will be working with other competent scholars to establish a faculty that will contribute directly to the liturgical and pastoral needs of the church today. These men believe the Bible and submit to it. They understand its message and how this gospel has functioned in the life of the church from the earliest centuries to the present. They compel us to look more closely at the sacred text to appreciate all that the Lord has revealed to us and what he is now asking from us. They lead us to develop a vision for how we can improve on the work the Lord has given us to do as we move toward the glorious consummation of all things. With thanksgiving to God I rejoice in the opening of Trinity Institute and in what it will mean for the progress of the Kingdom of God in the days to come.

Norman Shepherd, Former Pastor of Cottage Grove Christian Reformed Church, South Holland, Illinois