Peter Leithart is one of those exceptional teachers who instills not merely his knowledge in his students, but a bit of himself as well—his patient character, his charitable and jovial spirit, his boundless curiosity—so that they are never quite the same. He always acts as both a pastor and a teacher at the same time, concerned for both the intellectual and spiritual growth of his students, as ready to listen to their own struggles and concerns and gnawing questions as he is to share his own wisdom. The breadth of his knowledge on matters theological, philosophical, political, historical, and literary is matched only by his humility and openness to new insights. As a theologian rooted in the Reformed tradition but receptive to the riches of other Christian traditions, and secular writers as well, Leithart is an invaluable resource for students and theologians interested in theologically rigorous ecumenical engagement. I have been immensely blessed by the privilege of studying under his mentorship, and I hope that at the Trinity Institute, many more will have the opportunity to experience this blessing.

W. Brad Littlejohn, Ph.D candidate in political theology, University of Edinburgh, and editor of The Mercersburg Theology Study Series