I am filmmaker by trade. 22 years. It’s all I have done. I have been a Christian for 15 of those years. When my wife and I began having children, education became very important. I stumbled onto Doug Wilson and knew we had start a Classical Christian school. Then we stumbled onto James Jordan and had to rethink everything. Then we found Peter Leithart and it all came together. The works of Jordan and Leithart have shaped the distinctive culture of our school. From morning worship every day to a Biblical “New Eyes” Theology across the entire curriculum. We have benefited greatly from their works but more impactful has been the face to face interaction with these men. Their demeanor, humor, thoughtfulness and faith in person creates more than books alone. I can only imagine the potent impact this institute will have.

Darren Doane, Filmmaker & President, Veritas Hall Christian School