Paul preaches “the mystery.” He wants the Colossians to be fully assured of the mystery. He is imprisoned because of the mystery.

“The mystery” is the key to everything, concealed for a time but now revealed. The union of Jews and Gentiles was veiled in the Old Testament, now everyone sees it. God’s treasure was hidden in the temple, now it’s open to all.

The world is a puzzle, but we don’t need to search dark corners for missing pieces. We don’t find the solution in conspiracy theories or the pattern of the stars. Jesus is the answer to the riddle, and He has shown Himself. If you know Him, you know that everything fits together, and you know how.

And Jesus gives Himself for the asking. If you’re confused, if life is murky and impenetrable, ask. We have not because we ask not, James says, and the same James says, “If anyone lacks wisdom, let Him ask of God, and it will be given to him.”

Repent of the folly of trying to unravel life’s mysteries without Jesus. Repent of the further folly of refusing to ask for wisdom from Jesus, the living Wisdom of God.