“God is Judge,” says Asaph (Psalm 75:7), and the rest of the Bible agrees.

As Judge, He doesn’t just render verdicts. He raises horns (vv. 4-5); He cuts off the horns of power and lifts the horns of the righteous (v. 10). Exaltation and humiliation is His job (v. 6). as Judge, He “puts down one and raises up another” (v. 7).

His main piece of judicial equipment is a cup of wine. The wicked drink to the dregs and fall over in a stupor (v. 8). The righteous drink to become joyful; the righteous are given a cup so they can share the Judge’s work.

Ultimately, the Judge is a choirmaster. The clamorous wicked drink and fall into silence. The righteous drink so they can make music and raise praises to the God of Jacob (v. 9).