Responding to a recent post on superheroes, a friend pointed me to this, where Betsy Phillips points out that Superman was invented by two Jews and modeled on Moses. Phillips writes:

“Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster weren’t patterning Superman after Jesus. They were patterning him after Moses. A woman has a baby she cannot keep or he’ll die. She puts him in a small ship, of sorts, and sends him off, hoping some other woman will take him in, raise him, and keep him safe. He grows up to save people.”

She understands that “It’s not a perfect match. Moses’ mom lives. He has a sister and a brother who he hooks back up with later. His culture of origin isn’t lost.”

Still, Superman is more Moses than Jesus. 

Point taken, but I would add that Moses too glows with something of a Messianic aura.

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