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Depressing And Disturbing Reading

From First Thoughts

I can’t figure out what is the worst thing to come out of this Washington Post article on the new book by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Let me mention several candidates for worst news:1. It basically confirms Carl Scott’s suspicion (in this long-ago No Left Turns thread). . . . . Continue Reading »

Five Random Thoughts

From First Thoughts

While I try to organize some other thoughts,1.  William Devane’s most villainous role is the one where he tries to scare old people into converting their assets into gold coins by using fears of an inflation that isn’t happening.2.  Kevin Williamson is reason enough to subscribe to . . . . Continue Reading »

Our Elizabeth Warrens

From First Thoughts

The Republican establishment hung Ken Cuccinelli out to dry.  They deserve criticism for this, but where were the insurgent conservatives to come to his rescue?  Ever since the Dean campaign of 2003-2004, grassroots liberals have developed an infrastructure (and even more a culture) that . . . . Continue Reading »

Breaking Bad, Suffering And Redemption

From First Thoughts

Okay, so a little more Breaking Bad blogging. Spoilers ahead. Over at the Atlantic, Chris Heller writes that Ozymandias was the fitting conclusion for Breaking Bad because: Nobody is saved and everybody suffers. That’s the ending Breaking Bad needed. Bleak, merciless, and tragic. I think . . . . Continue Reading »