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Very Quick Debate Thoughts

From First Thoughts

more on Sunday (maybe) when I have more time, 1.  A really good night for Romney.  He did about as well as he could have hoped on the jobs thing.  We created more jobs.  Well, we had a 4.7 % unemployment rate.  Mike Dukakis was better than you.  . . . . Continue Reading »

Chris Christie Studies: Tough To See

From First Thoughts

I prefer not to overreact to jobs reports, but today’s unemployment and job creation news has Obama looking weaker than ever.  This would be a good time for a Republican who has shown the ability to win over Democratic-leaning voters, take on the spending interests, and produce a . . . . Continue Reading »

Romney Doomed?

From First Thoughts

Jonathan Last argues that Romney is in huge trouble because he is a mediocre-to-lousy campaigner with no real support base and no real principles.  I think Last very slightly overstates his case.  Romney’s campaign for the governorship in 2002 was pretty good.  On, the other . . . . Continue Reading »

Perry Studies: The Bachmann Attack

From First Thoughts

So I’ve been thinking about John’s suggestion that Bachmann attack Perry on the conservative authenticity thing.  So let’s take the issues of the Trans-Texas Corridor, the Texas Enterprise Fund etc. and the HPV vaccine thing.  Her attacks could look something like this: . . . . Continue Reading »