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Our Village Sophist

From First Thoughts

I love Stanley Fish. He’s a circus clown who bounces around and distracts us from the changes between acts. His latest ” Opinionator ” column in the New York Times is a classic performance. Plagiarism is not big deal, he argues, because there is no such thing as originality. Every . . . . Continue Reading »

Pray for Fr. Francis Martin

From First Thoughts

Fr. Francis Martin has suffered a heart attack, and is presently in intensive care in Copehhagen, Denmark. A long time proponent of biblical interpretation informed by the wisdom of the church’s great tradition of doctrine, Fr. Martin has been an important voice in contempoary . . . . Continue Reading »

Here Come The Thought Police

From First Thoughts

Today I wrote about the culture of intimidation in academia , a mentality confident that it should censure and punish traditional views of sexual morality. Although it was not available when I wrote the column, this morning I was fascinated to read Judge Walker’s decision to rule . . . . Continue Reading »

Homosexuality and the Moral Failure of Higher Education

From Web Exclusives

Recently, Kenneth Howell, an adjunct professor who worked for Newman Center at the University of Illinois in Champaign/Urbana, was told by his department chair that he could no longer teach there. His offense: explaining and clarifying the Catholic moral teaching on homosexuality while teaching a class on Catholicism. A couple of students complained to the department chair with the usual charge: his moral reasoning is hate speech that creates a hostile environment for gays and lesbians… . Continue Reading »

Federal Money in Higher Education

From First Thoughts

Former Senator Bill Armstrong is now president of Colorado Christian College, and he’s been reading the new regulations coming out of the Department of Education. He’s worried that these new regulations, designed to ensure that the federal money flowing into higher education is properly . . . . Continue Reading »

Thin Skin

From First Thoughts

I don’t think of myself as a populist who likes to bash the rich, but this story from the Guardian that a friend sent along offers an irresistible target. Sir Angus Grossart, a wealthy banker, said of Sir Fred Goodwin, another wealthy banker and former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland, that . . . . Continue Reading »

A Richer Bible

From the Aug/Sept 2010 Print Edition

The true Church of Christ teaches the gospel. The Bible is the sacred and canonical witness to the gospel. Therefore, the teachings of the Church accord with the teachings of the Bible. This simple syllogism provides the rationale for theological exegesis. And not just the rationale, but also the . . . . Continue Reading »

Jesus Says, Supersize Me

From First Thoughts

The International Journal of Obesity doesn’t sound like exciting nightime reading. But ever vigilant, the people over at ARTnews saw an interesting article. Analysis recently published in a study by Brain and Craig Wasnik shows the the problems of portion control aren’t new. They . . . . Continue Reading »

More on Galileo

From First Thoughts

After writing about a weird swerve in a New York Times article that was determined to revive old canards about the Catholic Church vs. True Science and Reason, readers chimed in with helpful background about Galileo. As has been the case since I met him in 1984, David Yeago’s razor sharp mind . . . . Continue Reading »

An Error Worse Than Error

From Web Exclusives

For a long time as a young teacher, I believed the danger of prostituting their minds by believing falsehoods was the preeminent, or even singular, intellectual danger my students faced. So I challenged them and tried to teach them always to be self-critical, questioning, skeptical. What are your assumptions? How can you defend your position? Where’s your evidence? Why do you believe that? … Continue Reading »