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1992 December Letters

Pluralism, Nay & Yea From S. Mark Heim’s discussion of “Pluralism and the Otherness of World Religions” (August/September) I get the impression that today’s Christianity has little to do with God. It seems to be more interested and active in such trendy cultural issues as liberation . . . . Continue Reading »

Editorial: Abortion and a Nation at War

Surely, one may devoutly hope, Justice Scalia exaggerates. In his dissent from Planned Parenthood v. Casey (joined by Rehnquist, Thomas, and White), he develops the analogy between this case and the infamous  Dred Scott decision of 1857. What happened then is, in ways . . . . Continue Reading »

Baby Talk

Roger Rosenblatt wants you to know that he has solved the abortion problem. Really. He’s written a whole book about it called Life Itself. Of course, the middle third of the book is just a summary of other people’s research on the history of abortion from the beginning of time, and . . . . Continue Reading »

Abortion and Political Compromise

Roe v. Wade is clearly in for substantial pruning—possibly even an outright overruling—in the near future. Thus the ball, so to speak, will be in the pro-life court. As James Davison Hunter’s article in this issue reminds us, Americans do not accept the positions of either the . . . . Continue Reading »

Koop De Grâce

Koop: The Memoirs of America’s Family Doctor by C. Everett Koop Random House, 342 pages, $22.50 What baleful things may befall a rugged, plain-spoken, life-affirming man when he ventures into that great bourne called The Beltway—that is the (probably unintended) theme of the autobiography . . . . Continue Reading »

Rights and Wrongs About Rights

Rights Talk: The Impoverishment of Political Discourseby Mary Ann GlendonFree Press, 288 pages, $22.95 One of the dubious achievements of American legal philosophers and academicians concerned with “rights” is to have emptied jurisprudence of the element of prudence. Constitutional . . . . Continue Reading »

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