I was first drawn into fighting assisted suicide when a depressed elderly friend committed suicide under the influence of Hemlock Society literature. Not only had the group’s suicide-porn given Frances moral permission to kill herself, but they had taught her precisely how to do it.These kinds . . . . Continue Reading »

The Ugly Face of Assisted Suicide

There is a column in The Gurdian that illustrates vividly the ugly reality of assisted suicide. The writer Jon Ronson followed some suicide facilitators around, and found that their “compassion” leaves much to be desired. For example, Susan (a pseudonym), is trained by the euthanasia . . . . Continue Reading »

Assisted Suicides: "The Three Cs"

Assisted suicide advocates like to use that sound bite of all sound bites: “Choice.” But there are three other “C-words” I like to focus on too: Context, consequences, and compassion—in the true root meaning of that wonderful word, which means to “suffer . . . . Continue Reading »