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Rita Marker, Historian

Rita Marker is speaking. Rita was introduced as the expert on euthanasia worldwide. That nails it. When she dies—may it not be for decades—we will have to make use of transhumanist technology to download her mind into a computer so we can continue to benefit from her institutional . . . . Continue Reading »

Al Pacino to Play Jack Kevorkian

The culture of death is being pushed from many quarters, perhaps most harmfully by the purveyors of popular culture.Jack Kevorkian assisted the suicides of at least 130 people—most of whom were not terminally ill and five of whom were not sick according to autopsies—and murdered one. He . . . . Continue Reading »


I was first drawn into fighting assisted suicide when a depressed elderly friend committed suicide under the influence of Hemlock Society literature. Not only had the group’s suicide-porn given Frances moral permission to kill herself, but they had taught her precisely how to do it.These kinds . . . . Continue Reading »

The Ugly Face of Assisted Suicide

There is a column in The Gurdian that illustrates vividly the ugly reality of assisted suicide. The writer Jon Ronson followed some suicide facilitators around, and found that their “compassion” leaves much to be desired. For example, Susan (a pseudonym), is trained by the euthanasia . . . . Continue Reading »

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