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Not our Enemy

Russell Moore preaches one that everyone should hear, from 04 March 2010 at SBTS: Archived at Archive.Org if you want to podcast it and save it for later; you could also subscribe to the SBTS podcast and really give yourself a . . . . Continue Reading »

Another Lectionary Thought

David T. Koyzis offers some remarks (with helpful links) on the lectionaries used in various churches. One thing I’ve observed regarding common homiletics and the effect short readings have on our Scriptural interpretation. We are all quite familiar with exegetical methods and pastoral lessons . . . . Continue Reading »

A Hermeneutical Tangle

Frank Turk offers an example of why hermeneutics (what/how we extract meaning from text) is important. I’ll offer a quote to spur discussion:It is curious, to say the least, that many Americans read the Bible and claim to understand what its authors mean. For early Christian authors and their . . . . Continue Reading »

Modern Man [1]

Just to keep things interesting, I’m posting my response to JMR on the front page here. I thank him for his engagement on this issue, even if he is actually wrong about a lot of things.I think the heart of our disagreement is the Bible and how to read it.I think that’s unquestionably . . . . Continue Reading »

Barred from the promised land

I have been sojourning with the Israelites in the Book of Numbers. The twentieth chapter contains an enigmatic story. At Kadesh, on the borders of Edom, Moses displeased the Lord and was not permitted to enter the promised land. What is the nature of the sin and does it warrant the extreme . . . . Continue Reading »

Who’s Ya Mama?

Have you ever conceived of God as mother? Moses did.Tonight my paternalistic view of God was challenged in the Book of Numbers. Just as a hungry baby turns to his mother, so did the sojourning Israelite.Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann has a special gift for opening eyes to biblical texts . . . . Continue Reading »

Job and Christian Theodicy

Frank Turk at Evangel is doing a short series on theodicy. I asked him how/when he would connect his discussion with Job and got the following response.Job is where everyone goes. I think the Scripture pretty much screams out from about every third page an answer which we don’t need Job to . . . . Continue Reading »

Sartorial Eye for the Clerical Guy

Using TLC’s What Not to Wear and Bravo’s Queer Eye for the Straight Guy as models, I’m developing a television pilot program this spring for CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network). I envision a cadre of Christian cosmopolitans – similar to the “Fab Five” – whose . . . . Continue Reading »

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