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Little Ironies

Over at First Thoughts, the conversation’s all about children’s books, good and bad. Meanwhile, I am noticing that the local public television station in Memphis, Tennessee, starts every day with six straight hours of children’s programming on the theme of how great reading is. Not . . . . Continue Reading »

On My Summer Vacation, I . . .

. . . did not go to the beach. Instead, I googled the phrase religious beach, and here are some of the things the search turned up: Dollar-Stretching Luau Deals like this inflatable beach ball. They didn’t have a picture of the un-inflatable kind. Information regarding religious beaches in Tel . . . . Continue Reading »

Catechesis 101

I have just said yes to Father’s generous offer of an opportunity to teach the First Communion class, and I’m not a little tied up in knots. First of all, when Father asked me, I looked around to see whom else he might have been addressing: I haven’t been Catholic all that long, . . . . Continue Reading »

It’s That Time

Our local Sunday paper consists of about eleven pages, excluding classified ads, at least four of which are devoted to “Church News.” Not that “Church News” is all that’s happening in our town by any means: we also have blackberry growers, flash floods, high-speed car . . . . Continue Reading »

Heirs to the Kingdom

I can’t talk about the material culture of religion without, at least sometimes, talking about homeschooling. Of course, all stereotypes aside, homeschooling is not exclusively a religious phenomenon; when we began homeschooling, it was not for religious reasons, but because our oldest . . . . Continue Reading »

O, Come, Angel Band . . .

Those wings . . . I dunno . . .In my house things like that make the vacuum cleaner retch and the dog run away.Besides, I’m a cheapskate, and on those occasions when somebody has to be a fairy, or a dragon, or Saint Michael, I generally make our own wings.My formula is simple.wire . . . . Continue Reading »

I Get So Lonely When I Pray

Thank heaven for the Rosary CompanionTalking Rosary.And they say it’s the perfect First Communion gift.Now that we’re feeling better, everybody sing!via Janet C. Many thanks for sending along this true curiosity[Rating: . . . . Continue Reading »

On the Seasonal Aisle

This display spotted at my local Bi-Lo grocery store:Easter Pretty BarbieJesus, God’s Son. My teenager reports that when you press a button, He intones the Our Father, among other things, in what she describes as a “hunky” voice. Hear Him speak John 3:16! Mary Messenger of Faith. . . . . Continue Reading »

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