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eBaywatch: Guardian Angels

Tuesday we celebrated the Holy Archangels; today it’s our invisible guardians whom we feast. Herewith, some stuff: Okay. If you were going to buy wings for the Christmas pageant, you could go ahead and get them today. Not great art or theology or anything, but little kids like dressing up, and . . . . Continue Reading »

eBaywatch: Rushing the Season

I know, I know. It’s a little early to be thinking about UNIQUE Religious Catholic Advent Calendars.This one is noteworthy, however, in that it gives away, immediately, what it is you await with intense longing all through Advent. Forget the prophetic allusions. Forget the O Antiphons. Forget . . . . Continue Reading »

Only 227 Shopping Days Left

Uh, thanks for sending me this, Nathaniel. I mean, it is May already. And heaven knows you don’t want to leave these things till the last minute. I think I like this idea of Thomas Kinkade’s, of calling yourself “Painter of Something” and then trademarking the name. . . . . Continue Reading »

O, Come, Angel Band . . .

Those wings . . . I dunno . . .In my house things like that make the vacuum cleaner retch and the dog run away.Besides, I’m a cheapskate, and on those occasions when somebody has to be a fairy, or a dragon, or Saint Michael, I generally make our own wings.My formula is simple.wire . . . . Continue Reading »

I’ll Fly Away

What do you think, Sally? Would the younger kids in your house enjoy or employ NEW! Feather and Marabou Angel Wings?“Get ready for Christmas plays and other plays in your church group with these adorable Angel Wings,” the advertising copy at the crafts store says. But looking at these, . . . . Continue Reading »

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