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Eat Well This Christmas

When pondering the nativity, I’ve heard much made of the fact that the manger is a place of great humility for the King of Kings to be found, and rightly so. I’ve seldom given much thought, however, to what the manger was —- a feeding place for animals.There’s little evidence . . . . Continue Reading »

Santa Claus and the Christmas Wars

What ought to be a time of meditative joy and happy celebration has become a time for combat. December, say scores of the faithful, is a time for war—the Christmas wars. Happy holidays is denounced as a godless substitute for Merry Christmas. The Christmas wars are now as much a part of the season as mistletoe and reindeer…
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When Christmas is Not “Merry”

I am thinking a lot this Christmas about the fact that for many people, more than would ever be willing to admit openly, there is very little, “merry” about Christmas. They are caught up in personal troubles and situations that are causing them intense pain and anguish of heart and mind, . . . . Continue Reading »

O Holy Night (9) – His Law Is Love

This is the ninth part in a twelve part devotional commentary on “O Holy Night.” See the introduction here.Truly He taught us To love one another;His law is love And His gospel is peace.God the Father did not send the Son simply to die for our sins and then abandon us to continue to live . . . . Continue Reading »

Brownies for Christmas: the End

The Community School is post-post-modern and the chief “friend” (the Community School term for the head) Laura is fighting with a new student Colleen about Christmas. Colleen is aided by Brownies . . . and the result is the end of chaos. You can start this show here.Here at last are the . . . . Continue Reading »

Let Men Their Songs Employ

That’s right: Men. Not “Let us our songs employ,” or “Let all their songs employ,” but men.That’s how Isaac Watts wrote it back in the eighteenth century, when he wrote Joy to the World.This line gets changed from “men” to “us” or . . . . Continue Reading »

O Holy Night (8) – Behold Your King!

This is the eighth part in a twelve part devotional commentary on “O Holy Night.” See the introduction here.He knows our need, To our weakness is no stranger,Behold your King! Before Him lowly bend!Behold your King, Behold your King.Being God, Jesus obviously knows what we need. His . . . . Continue Reading »

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