Ten Things I Liked About Being A Shepherd

When I was a kid, I always ended up as a shepherd in the Christmas pageant. I lacked the heft to be Joseph, as a guy did not want to be an angel, and somehow never made the cut as a wise man.My college students have made suggestions about that last one.There were, however, many advantages to being a . . . . Continue Reading »

Missing Jesus

In our house we have the tradition of putting the Baby Jesus in the creche on midnight on Christmas Eve. During Advent the manger sits empty with the other figures around it . . . waiting. I love it when Hope, as lady of the house, brings out the Baby and completes the scene.Christmas will be here . . . . Continue Reading »

O Holy Night (4) - Fall On Your Knees!

This is the fourth part in a twelve part devotional commentary on “O Holy Night.” See the introduction here.Fall on your knees! O, hear the angels’ voices!O night divine, O night when Christ was born;O night divine, O night, O night Divine There are two pictures of heavenly worship . . . . Continue Reading »

Not Just Optimism

As I’m writing this fourth part, I’m betting that you’re worn out already — “OK, Frank: wrath of God. I got it. Christ was born to satisfy the wrath of God, and that’s good, and that’s a really sound reason to have joy at Christmas. Amen — I’m . . . . Continue Reading »

With Interest

At Christmas, we think –- we, Americans who say we are Christians –- we deserve a break from the things we do every day. We deserve a rest. We deserve to sleep on the sofa, and to have a big meal, and then to sleep on the sofa again, and watch a parade or some football, or whatever it is . . . . Continue Reading »