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Glenn Beck Is Not a Pomocon

Rod tells me that Nate Silver, who gained fame as the best, most readable electoral statistician around, has made a mistake . And so he has: Beck is a PoMoCon — a post-modern conservative. And his philosophy is not all that difficult to articulate. It borrows a couple of things from . . . . Continue Reading »

Irving Kristol

Here’s Steven Menashi in Forbes on IK as moral critic. Here’s David Brooks giving IK three full cheers. Here’s me locating IK mostly in the American mainstream — today, even! — with Mark Schmitt in the opposite corner at Bloggingheads. I say a little more about . . . . Continue Reading »

Olde Tyme Hardcore

So the fall semester is finally in sufficient order that I can return to blogging. I don’t imagine that I was particularly missed. But I’ll proceed on the assumption that at least some readers liked to alternate their reflections on the very serious matters we usually discuss with one . . . . Continue Reading »

Con vs. Pomocon

My name has appeared on the masthead now for almost two months, but i have hesitated to pen an inaugural entry, especially since, unlike some of the others in the group, i have no full-fledged manifesto to announce. And — as these things go — the longer one waits, the more difficult it . . . . Continue Reading »

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