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Europe’s Europe Moment

Ross’s take on Europe and Islam focuses deftly on the democratic deficit behind the Continent’s integration problem: this political style — forge a consensus among the establishment, and assume you can contain any backlash that develops — is [ . . . ] how the Continent came to . . . . Continue Reading »

Therapy and the Military, Redux

Continuing coverage : “To me,” Mr. Meehan said, “the healing power of being able to write through everything, talk through everything, really helped me make order of it.” “That’s something I know is going to be one of the tragic long-lasting effects of the Fort Hood . . . . Continue Reading »

Americans Don’t Get Religion

Rod Dreher is concerned about certain trends in law enforcement . He quotes Reul Marc Gerecht saying: For the FBI, religion remains a much too sensitive subject, much more so than the threatening ideologies of yesteryear. Imagine if Maj. Hasan had been an officer during the Cold War, regularly . . . . Continue Reading »

Of Friction and Frictionlessness

Ross is back — as a blogger, that is, after a well-deserved six-month hiatus. Riffing off of Peter’s lament that “our political debates will become indistinguishable from our health care debates,” becoming “permanently intertwined, going on and on, forever and ever, . . . . Continue Reading »

The Touch, The Feel of Patienthood

At Ft. Hood’s “Spiritual Fitness Center” , the therapeutic’s trying to change warrior culture one triumph at a time: on the vast Army post cloaked in drab, Fort Hood’s new Spiritual Fitness Center offers color. Inside, sunlight filters through stained glass of lavender . . . . Continue Reading »

Nu-Paganism Watch

Exciting news from the Bayside City Council elections : the Queens Tribune reported that a conservative Republican was running a strong race in the 19th district and had a chance to win in the overwhelmingly Democratic city. But this was a conservative Republican with a difference: Dan Halloran is . . . . Continue Reading »

This Day In Paradox

How long before someone makes the argument that the government has to deal drugs in order to afford the medicine Americans need ? The libertarian rejoinder that we can and should decriminalize pot without nationalizing health care shows more intellectual promise than popular support. And too many . . . . Continue Reading »

Absolut Absolutism

Our Ivan Kenneally unloads on Obamacare in The Weekly Standard: If one were to take seriously the central premise of Obama’s ersatz science of politics—the distinction between political facts and moral values—the inescapable conclusion is that our president turns out to be a . . . . Continue Reading »

Universality Is Not the Issue, Dude

I hoped I could prove this with a link, but back during the presidential primary race, I told at least one person that, when it came to the health care debate, not universality but comprehensiveness was the issue. You can imagine that a pomocon has an ingrained or inherent dislike for . . . . Continue Reading »

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