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That’s Not Fundamentalism

What is Christian fundamentalism? It is a set of protestant tenets published, in the early 20th century, as a response to the theological liberalism and higher criticism of the 19th century. It is a doctrinal statement and nothing more. These positions include concerns about the virgin birth, . . . . Continue Reading »

Emerging from Emergent Church Evangelicalism

I came across a very perceptive and fascinating comment from a young man who has come out of the house church/Emergent church movement into Lutheranism. No, this is not a shamless plug for Lutheranism, but rather, for the purpose of this blog site, it is a fascinating look into what a growing number . . . . Continue Reading »

“Whither Wheaton?” A Critique

What should we make of the media attention that surrounds viral videos, such as the wedding ceremony in St. Paul, Minnesota, where hip-hop music releases the Dionysiac energy of a bride and groom who groove down the church aisle? Trivia – in a word. What should we make of the buzz that . . . . Continue Reading »

Beauty, Spirit, and Evangelism

I’m not a poet. Actually, a more candid statement more accurately state that I’m just about as far removed from being a poet and possessing poetic sensibilities as one might get. When I read prose fiction, I don’t see words ... images and a sense of what transpires moves through my . . . . Continue Reading »

Wonder Where the Evangelicals Went?

The very definition of “evangelical” becomes confused after reading the works of certain writers and theologians.  One might be tempted to think that evangelical is to be understood by way of attitudes or sentiments.  This represents an error in understanding what it means to . . . . Continue Reading »

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