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Wonder Where the Evangelicals Went?

The very definition of “evangelical” becomes confused after reading the works of certain writers and theologians.  One might be tempted to think that evangelical is to be understood by way of attitudes or sentiments.  This represents an error in understanding what it means to . . . . Continue Reading »

2: Where Have All the Evangelicals Gone?

”...a steadily rising equivalent of the European repudiation of religion climaxing in the new atheist. We have created the monster we dislike, and it’s our fault.” -Os Guinness [Read: Part One]My father told me I shouldn’t play poker.Don’t worry, a striving towards some . . . . Continue Reading »

What is Evangelicalism?

In a recent post, Nathan Martin shared some interesting observations by Os Guinness about the state of Evangelicalism. It is a thought-provoking post. It made me realize that for all the years I’ve been reading about, and studying, Evangelicalism, self-understanding and self-definition remain, . . . . Continue Reading »

Where Have All the Evangelicals Gone?

”..for instance in England, there was a vogue for the term, “post-Evangelical.” That’s absolutely ludicrous. If someone is an ex-Evangelical, in other words, they once were an Evangelical, but no longer are, then terrific. At least they’re honest enough to say so, I . . . . Continue Reading »

More Ecumenical Considerations

Mr Turk makes an interesting point in the conversation about ecumenical conversations, although I’m not entirely sure it’s the point he wants to make. A week or so ago he offered that those of other denominations, specifically the Roman and Easter churches were right with God only if . . . . Continue Reading »

Are We a Small and Arrogant Oligarchy?

I can’t think of a more foolish attitude I harbor at times than when I look back on previous generations and assume they were ignorant, unenlightened, unaware and totally outside of what I’m thinking and experiencing today. I was reminded of something the British writer G.K. Chesterton . . . . Continue Reading »

The Tragedy of Oral Roberts

I commend to you this post by Albert Mohler and heartily concur with his wise assessment of the tragedy of Oral Robert’s ministry:“In the end, however, Oral Roberts should be measured by his message. Though his claims of visions and healings drew deserved attention, along with both . . . . Continue Reading »

That Line Between Good and Evil

Frank Turk, cf this post, is down on wiggly ecumenism. And in this he is right. But it also seems out that he’s throwing the baby out with the bathwater. For there’s an important, and very difficult, first step toward ecumenism that he is not doing very well, especially regarding the . . . . Continue Reading »

An Interview with the Devil Himself

In his current Evangel bio, Frank Turk lists one of his pastimes as “internet mayhem.” As evidenced by the current offense taken to him by Mark Olsen and various commenters at Evangel, he obviously hasn’t lost his spiritual gift in that matter. However, as he read through . . . . Continue Reading »

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