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A Pause To Reflect

Good for President Obama for seeking congressional authorization for a strike on Syria. Among other things, it will give the administration more time to come up with a coherent strategy that has a plausible chance of advancing American interests. The current strategy of focusing outrage on Syrian . . . . Continue Reading »

On Syria

I think Ramesh Ponnuru has it right.   Maybe the Obama administration has a plan to use military force in a decisive way, but they haven’t made the case for a large and sustained military operation if it comes to that. A military attack that is not decisive opens the possibility that the . . . . Continue Reading »

Syria and What is Good

I thought John Kerry did a beautiful job, a presidential job, trying to convince the American people and the world that we ought to go to war against Syria.  Really brilliant, save one problem, that we would be siding with Al Qaeda in the conflict.  Or rather, not siding with them as much . . . . Continue Reading »

The True Awfullness of Benghazi

About Pete’s take on the Benghazi matter : I think is fairly clear in testimony that the Obama Administration did lie, did cover-up what had happened, and was totally disingenuous about the whole thing.  Judgement call?   It was a judgement call and about international . . . . Continue Reading »

Libya, Protests, and Spin

I hope you will all have seen the news breaking this morning prior to the meeting of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.   I first saw it on Powerline, in a piece by John Hinderaker.   Now, Paul Mirengoff of that site has a piece about leaking classified briefing . . . . Continue Reading »

“Chosen, But Not Special”

I find this Michael Chabon op-ed , written in the wake of Israel’s interception of the Gaza flotilla, to be remarkable, and not in a good way. A few extremely cleverly oblique references to God, while the figure who identifies that God rather than merely naming him — guess who? — . . . . Continue Reading »

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