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A Few Words on Iran

1. I like the Iranian reformers more than I like the mass politics of solidarity by symbolism. 2. Imitating the right things for a people to say or do does not make those things the right ones for a President to do. 3. If Iran really has imported 5,000 Hezbollah enforcers, a more robust official US . . . . Continue Reading »

Asked and Answered

It is not clear why a chunk of the blue-collar working base has swung almost overnight from Left to Right, but clearly we are seeing the delayed detonation of two political time-bombs: rising unemployment and the growth of immigrant enclaves that resist assimilation. — The Telegraph I am . . . . Continue Reading »

The Empire that Wasn’t?

How long before we look back on the American ‘imperial age’ as a hiccup, a fling with power never really actualized, stabilized, or formalized? Christian Brose at Foreign Policy ‘s Shadow Government points us to Andrew Schearer writing yesterday in the Wall Street Journal : . . . . Continue Reading »

Two Europes

Don Rumsfeld has left us with the momentarily illuminating but ultimately distracting vision of Old Europe and New Europe, a distinction that divides geographically along the aftershadow of the Iron Curtain, with snooty/fuddy Western Europe versus freedom-appreciating/US-embracing Eastern Europe. . . . . Continue Reading »

A Bobo’s Guide to Euro-Socialism

I’m spending the morning  (and now part of the afternoon) on one of those fancy buses that has an internet connection. Since I didn’t have the foresight to download an episode of Battlestar Galactica, I’ve got nothing better to do than read tomorrow’s New York Times, and to . . . . Continue Reading »

Of Empire

There is a compelling start of a conversation, I see, between Daniel Larison and Noah Millman . Noah began in reaction to Andrew Bacevich’s latest introduction to a book . Bacevich, of course, takes the anti-imperial position of William Appleman Williams to be a clarion wake-up call for any . . . . Continue Reading »

Closing the Ring

Of the many reasons why NATO expansion into Georgia and Ukraine is a bad idea, the worst must surely be that these two states would immediately add intractable instabilities to the alliance’s list of unmanageables. Abkhazia , Transnistria , Crimea — just to list these statelets, . . . . Continue Reading »

Two Wrongs

(1) NATO’s worryingly inadequate and incredible shrinking performance in Afghanistan (2) NATO’s determination to go ahead with wargames in Georgia Best possible absurd justification: the Georgia exercises are training for Afghan missions! Is anyone else filled with concern by this turn . . . . Continue Reading »

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