Michael Harrington’s Socialism

Socialism: Past and Future by michael harringtonarcade publishing, 320 pages, $19.95  If one is going to be a socialist, Michael Harrington’s variety is perhaps the best kind to be. Before his premature death from cancer this past year, Harrington worked with Dorothy Day to help the poor in . . . . Continue Reading »

The Fate of Republicanism

Revolt against Destiny: An Intellectual History of the United States by paul a. carter columbia university press, 331 pages, $24.95 The only thing really wrong about this thought-provoking book is its subtitle. Whatever else it may be —and it is actually several fine things — it is not . . . . Continue Reading »

A Third Way?

Whose Keeper? Social Science and Moral Obligation by alan wolfe university of california press, 361 pages, $25 Let it be said at the outset and without ambiguity: this is an important book. Alan Wolfe, a professor of sociology at Queens College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York, . . . . Continue Reading »

Religion and Science

The Galileo Affair: A Documentary History edited and translated with an introduction and notes by maurice a. finocchiaro university of california press, 382 pages, $50 cloth, $12.95  The Galileo affair lasted twenty years. It began pleasantly, almost innocently, in December 1613 in Florence at . . . . Continue Reading »

The Return of the Catholic Whig

In his famous Postscript to The Constitution of Liberty, Friedrich von Hayek identified Thomas Aquinas as “the first Whig,” and has several times since noted how important it is to distinguish the Whig tradition from that of many exponents of the classical liberal tradition. Among Hayek’s . . . . Continue Reading »