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Seeking Person Status for Chimpanzee

Matthew Hiasl Pan is the name given to him. Nice name except for one major detail. Pan is a 26 year old Chimpanzee. And in the radical animal rights activists mind Pan should be seen as, treated as and protected in law as a person.Thankfully the high court in Austria decided that only people get . . . . Continue Reading »

Young Chimps Have Great Memory

Much is being made of the report that a 7-year-old chimp beat college students in quick memory tests of number patterns. This doesn’t affect human exceptionalism, in my view. What makes us special goes far deeper than memory capacities.But it also may be less than meets the eye. As we know . . . . Continue Reading »

Chimps More Evolved Than Humans?

It is a continuing source of astonishment and concern to me that so many “scientists” so fervently wish to knock human beings off of the pedestal of exceptionalism, and transform us into merely another animal in the forest, just one of the fauna, if you will. I bring this up because of . . . . Continue Reading »

Animal Rights, Human Rights

The power of the movement for animal rights—a movement that until recently was located for most people on the edge of the ridiculous—can no longer be denied. Abetted by both the “rights revolution” and the increasingly powerful environmental cause, the old collection of vegetarians . . . . Continue Reading »

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