Depths of Satan

Jezebel and her children are ostensibly the ones who are obsessed with the “deep things (bathea) of Satan” (Revelation 3:24). That fits into the letter to Thyatira in various ways.For starters, Jehu accused Jezebel of being involved in sorcery (2 Kings 9:22), and the church’s . . . . Continue Reading »

Tossed on a Bed

Jesus threatens to throw the self-appointed prophetess Jezebel onto a bed (Revelation 3:22). The threat carries multiple resonances.The original Jezebel died by being thrown from a window to the ground in front of conquering Jehu. Jesus is the new Jehu throwing Jezebel to her . . . . Continue Reading »


 Jezebel’s appearance in 1-2 Kings is part of a continuing story of Israel’s relationship with Tyre and Sidon. During the days of David and Solomon, Hiram king of Tyre was an ally of Israel. This is the ideal relationship between Jew and Gentiles, Israel and the nations.Jezebel . . . . Continue Reading »