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How Songs Like Macklemore’s “Same Love” Change the Marriage Debate

As I write, YouTube reports almost 50 million views of the music video for “Same Love” by the hip hop duo Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, a single recorded to support same-sex marriage in Washington state. While not remotely approaching the 345 million views of their waggish “Thrift Shop” video, “Same Love” reached number 51 on the Billboard Hot 100 earlier this month and tops the charts Down Under… . Continue Reading »

The Future of Marriage

Last summer, billionaire hedge fund manager and major Republican donor Paul Singer put up $1 million to launch American Unity. His goal was to break down the Republican party’s opposition to gay marriage and thus remove political resistance to the triumph of gay rights. Singer and his billionaire . . . . Continue Reading »

What are Children For?

Friedrich Engels was a prophet of marriage in the modern age. Monogamous marriage, he declared in The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State, published in 1884, is “unnatural,” setting the practical against the genuinely emotional, reducing persons to commodities, and undermining . . . . Continue Reading »

“Special Meaning”

by Frank TurkSo you know: Pack a lunch.And before you read a single word of this post, I require of you that you read this post, by me, regarding this essential conflict involved in talking about this topic. If you do not read that post, and you want to reproach me about my post here, I will simply . . . . Continue Reading »

Grateful: For a Loving, Committed Family

I love the television show Heroes on NBC.  My wife and I got addicted to the program via Netflix and have made it appointment viewing ever since.  Lately, the show, which began with straightforward characters and easily understandable models of nobility, has become more complicated.Noah, a . . . . Continue Reading »

The Two Shall Become One

A few years ago, I attended a family wedding and watched an amazing sight. The groom’s grandmother was suffering from advanced Parkinson’s and was confined to a wheelchair. She was utterly dependent on her husband. As a part of the ceremony, the minister invited the congregation to come . . . . Continue Reading »

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