Keep Digging

It’s always nice to see smart young academics move up in the world, and one of them, my friend John Schwenkler, has had his fine blog Upturned Earth taken aboard at AmCon . A win/win, I’d say. . . . . Continue Reading »

In Gallery 202

Blovito, ergo sum. I say one should never let a good thing go to waste. Since “the blogito ” made the lead quote yesterday on Andrew Sullivan’s “Dish,” I have become a household name to millions of persons dispersed throughout the world, from humble shepherds in their huts . . . . Continue Reading »

Blogito, Ergo Sum

Blogito, ergo sum . I blog, therefore I am. This epistemological premise would seem to describe more than a few who inhabit the blogosphere these days. One wonders what would happen to the likes of an Andrew Sullivan or a Jonah Goldberg if they awoke one morning to discover that they were unable to . . . . Continue Reading »

The Sunshine King

Richard Florida is blogging . Behold the intellectual firepower : While I find such lists informative and fun, in my book Who’s Your City, I say that there is really no such thing as a single best city:  Invoking the old and somewhat cliched adage, “different strokes for . . . . Continue Reading »

Pomocon: An Introduction

For those of you who are new to the blog, greetings. We’re much obliged for our warm welcome at First Things , and we’re pleased to welcome you in turn. Regular visits to Postmodern Conservative are the best means to a good feel for the site, but a little introduction might be in order. . . . . Continue Reading »

Rules Spurned and Celebrated

What piques me most about the Twitter phenomenon (not this blog’s new subject, I swear) is precisely what I think is considered most harmless and cool about it: it’s got all the advantages of regular communication, plus all the fun of communicating using only 140 characters! Or, as MoDo . . . . Continue Reading »

Bad Infinity [5 minutes ago from web]

Thru Andrew, the latest attempt to supply the Twitter phenomenon (and Twitter, along the way) with meaning: As the physical world takes on more of the characteristics of a simulation, we seek reality in the simulated world. At least there we can be confident that the simulation is real. At least . . . . Continue Reading »

Religion’s Bad Press

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat. –Alice in Wonderland Are journalists irreligious, and does this affect their coverage of religious news? For some years a number of media critics have been . . . . Continue Reading »

Why the News Makes Us Dumb

I Strange as it may seem in a country positively flooded with the commodity, we don’t always understand what News is. News is what has happened since yesterday’s paper or broadcast. It is that daily budget of information that a person needs in order to be “informed,” to feel tuned in to the . . . . Continue Reading »