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Romney has it.

I am not presenting much new about the election and the political scientists here have far more information than I do, by profession.  However, observing the political scene and responding to the recent posts here, I feel compelled to weigh in.  I believe Romney is winning the . . . . Continue Reading »

Obama, Kind of a Jerk, Won

But not decisively—Romney always held his own. And I would only say Obama won on the parts of the debates focused on foreign policy. On domestic issues, Romney won. Romney played the gentleman and the minimize-the-exposure strategy. Also a strategic vote-gaining focus on Israel. Very good . . . . Continue Reading »

Halloween Costume Recommendations

Person One: The U.S. Constitution , the text as a poster board visible but all torn and battered up, and some kind of Obama-branded SHREDDER as a prop. Person Two: The U.S. Economy —here all that’s needed is lots of fake bruises, bleeding, chains, crumpled bills, slow-sickly movements, . . . . Continue Reading »


So we now know, if this astounding story from the Daily Mail holds up (via Campaign Spot , which quotes the key stuff), that Jonathan Tobin and I were absolutely right about the reason for Obama’s stumble: he arrogantly believed his own B.S. about Romney, and shirked his prep on the assumption . . . . Continue Reading »

Conventions, too.

Anger, self-righteousness, impossible promises, blame: political conventions are for setting a tone.  Here is the Democrats’ tone for the coming months going into the election.  It was not to my taste.  On top of the Republican convention, it felt like an enormous political . . . . Continue Reading »

By the Way, Obama Will Win

Did you notice Peter Lawler dropped that into the Cruz McDonnell thread below? Minor detail that. So what do y’all make of it? Peter has a pretty good track record of predicting GOP doom.  He smelled the 2006 disaster well ahead of most, even if I do recall his . . . . Continue Reading »

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