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Exec Orders Exercise Ex-X-er Exene

“can’t vote Obama. too many executive orders.” So tweets Exene Cervenka , best-known for her days w/ LA punk/roots band X, and most fondly remembered for her days w/ the Knitters. I guess the logical X song to link to is the one that says “This Was Supposed to Be the New . . . . Continue Reading »

Obama and the Euromess

I agree with Peter Lawler that the election is shaping up to be very close   if one projects from present circumstances (with only modest changes up or down to unemployment and job creation numbers.)  The most likely event that could crack open the election would be a crisis in . . . . Continue Reading »

Good for President Obama

This interview over at the Atlantic is worth reading, for two reasons: 1) Our president implies throughout that Iran won’t be allowed to complete a nuclear weapon. 2) Our president says outright that he and his team do not expect Syria’s Assad to remain in power. Yes, Barack . . . . Continue Reading »

Glad They Cleared That Up

Below, I complained that a) The White House, and b) the media have failed to make even minimal efforts to explain to U.S. citizens what our war-making policy now is in Libya, given Qaddafi’s fall. But now, c) NATO, has comprehensively explained everything. . . . . Continue Reading »

What Would Happen…

. . . if the Democrats followed Mr. Postmodern Conservative’s advice and tried to dump Obama now? Let’s say it would be for Hilary. Or, who else would it be for? I’m assuming here a major bid, a primary run backed by huge parcels of the Democratic establishment.  Not some . . . . Continue Reading »

Obama, Technocracy, and Honor

Another excerpt from some recent work: The basic political premise of techno-politics is that the classic question regarding competing claims to rule has been decisively answered: instead of Plato’s philosopher king we get its emasculated modern descendant, the rational bureaucrat. The . . . . Continue Reading »

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