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Bookings to Utopia

Until surprisingly recently, most left-wing and liberal people were hesitant and equivocal about acknowledging the wickedness of the Soviet regime. The mere collapse of the Soviet Empire did not immediately change their minds. ­Robert Conquest, who told the truth about Stalin’s Great Terror in . . . . Continue Reading »

Red Terror

As American society was roiled this summer by civil unrest, purges, and struggle sessions, I read Frank Dikötter’s The Cultural Revolution: A People’s History, a recently published book that is newly relevant. The subtitle is a bit of historiographic trolling. “People’s history” is a . . . . Continue Reading »

The Catholic Future

In the Catholic Church, synods of bishops are complex bits of theater. The pope sets the theme, observes the proceedings, and writes the “apostolic exhortation” that translates a synod’s work into teaching. Some post-synodal texts, such as Paul VI’s Evangelii . . . . Continue Reading »

Briefly Noted

A Time to Die:Monks on the Threshold of Eternal Lifeby nicolas diat ignatius, 174 pages, $17.95 Nicolas Diat is a French journalist most famous for his interviews with Cardinal Robert Sarah. In this book, he visits flourishing monasteries in France to talk with monks about death. A Time to Die, . . . . Continue Reading »

Prince of Diplomats

In the midst of a Haydn concert in London in June 1794, the young Clemens von Metternich spotted his one-time teacher, Andreas Hofmann, in the audience. Rather than renewing old acquaintance, the future Prince of Diplomats immediately denounced Hofmann to the authorities as a dangerous subversive. . . . . Continue Reading »

Briefly Noted

It is no easy task to write the biography of an autobiography, but Carlos Eire has done it. His book describes the composition and legacy of St. Teresa of Avila’s Vida, which popularized the introspective prayer and contemplative Carmelite devotion that has inspired so many—including . . . . Continue Reading »

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