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Scott Walker and the Bubble

Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's transition from state to federal politics has been bumpy, but it is indicative of broader social trends. Walker seems to have a firm grasp of the opinions and priorities of the median Wisconsin voter on state-level issues, but has seemed terribly confused about . . . . Continue Reading »

Scott Walker And National Issues

I read and mostly enjoyed Scott Walker’s new campaign biography. It is pretty good by the low standards of the genre. Walker is pretty clearly getting ready to run for president. Like Allahpundit said, Walker has the potential to appeal to both the Republican establishment and conservatives . . . . Continue Reading »

Very Late Thoughts On Scott Walker

I’ve been tardy because I’ve been lazy, 1.  Peter Lawler is right that the public perception of the recall procedure as being inappropriate for normal political disputes helped Walker win.  2.  But Walker’s policies were also popular.  The least popular . . . . Continue Reading »

Very Quick Thoughts

1.  Ross Douthat writes that Walker’s victory in the Wisconsin recall election indicated that “November 2012 will just be one battle in a longer war, and the outcome in Wisconsin suggests that the edge in that war currently (and to some extent unexpectedly, given the demographic . . . . Continue Reading »

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