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Singin’ the Android Blues

“Any two AI designs might be less similar to one another than you are to a petunia.” - Eliezer Yudkowsky, Artificial Intelligence as a Positive and Negative Factor in Global Risk . John Schwenkler was kind enough to point me towards this post by Tyler Cowen at Marginal Revolution in . . . . Continue Reading »

A stopped Marxist clock…

I don’t normally frequent the anarcho-syndicalist enclaves of the blogosphere, but my curiosity was piqued by the ongoing saga of the “Tarnac 9” , whose penchant for absurdism combined with neo-Benedictinism is at least somewhat endearing. As it happens, the now-released . . . . Continue Reading »

Warped Space, Broken Form

While we’re on the subject of form, I recently stumbled upon University of Texas mathematics professor Nikos Salingaros’ phenomenal work Anti-Architecture and Deconstruction , a short excerpt of which is posted on his faculty page: In wanting to explain a cultural mystery — why . . . . Continue Reading »

American Rapture

There are two models of rapture — one super-worldly, one this-worldly, one in which we are abducted, from here to eternity, and one in which we are inducted, to infinity and beyond. The first model is depressing if it’s the only opportunity we have to experience eternity. Even the . . . . Continue Reading »

Bad Infinity [5 minutes ago from web]

Thru Andrew, the latest attempt to supply the Twitter phenomenon (and Twitter, along the way) with meaning: As the physical world takes on more of the characteristics of a simulation, we seek reality in the simulated world. At least there we can be confident that the simulation is real. At least . . . . Continue Reading »

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