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Barack Is to George What Ike Was to Harry

That is, when considering foreign policy on the big threats, Islamism now, communism then.  The policy of the former president, while hotly criticized in the campaign, is basically retained by his successor. So Troy Senik of Ricochet says was Bush’s own prescient view, which has become . . . . Continue Reading »

Ampontan: A Great Blog

So what are your favorite blogs for keeping up with events in a particular area or nation? Probably the best one I know of is Ampontan , about Japan.  With the year anniversary of the Triple Disaster (i.e., Fukushima) coming up next week, there will be plenty of vacuous Economist -grade quick . . . . Continue Reading »

Boomer-Studies and the Songbook

The great Walter Russell Mead posted yesterday an atypically predictable essay, one that is Against the Boomers . In his comments, I insist that the problem is the Liberal-Boomers, not the generation generally. As a society we owe everything to the many sane boomers, and as a conservative . . . . Continue Reading »

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