Behold, the redesign of our website has arrived¯at last! It now features:

Online-only subscription (as well as access to the most recent issues if you already have a paper subscription)

• A new search engine , which enables you to distinguish between the magazine and the website when you’re combing our archives

Online advertising

• Separate Events and Promotions pages (actual events and promotions to follow)

• A homepage that doesn’t look like it just flew in from 1995

• An espresso maker

All right, I made that last one up. But you get the picture: It’s new and improved.

There are bound to be a few glitches here and there¯as is to be expected with any newfangled technology¯and we’re still tweaking. So come back to see us frequently, and email us if you discover a problem.

And in case you haven’t noticed: The February issue is available online today¯in its entirety¯for existing subscribers. (Click that "Register" button on the banner and follow all instruction precisely.) If you don’t currently subscribe¯despite the proven benefits for your intellectual and spiritual health¯you can subscribe right now and start reading the February issue before you can finish saying, "What do you mean you don’t take Diner’s Club?"

We thank you.

Update: For those of you who threw out their mailing labels and so cannot register for online access, you can contact subscription customer service¯ or 877-905-9920¯and retrieve the required log-in number.

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