A New Song from the Old World

Imagine a book on Renaissance art without any pictures. And I don’t mean without illustrations, I mean without any pictures. No frescos by Michelangelo, Madonnas by Raphael, springtime scenes by Botticelli, or even woodcuts by Dürer. We might have a few fragments of a bit of a panel by . . . . Continue Reading »

Saving Veronica

On a trip to Crete last March to research onetime Venetian colonies, our class of twelve wandered into an Orthodox church in Chania. It was one of the many Cretan “double-nave” churches that, select art historians would argue, originated in Crete’s Venetian period, when both . . . . Continue Reading »

Does Doubt Belong to Faith?

The recent publication of Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light by Brian Kolodiejchuk, M.C., with its frank avowals of the struggles with darkness of someone widely regarded as a saint (and not just by Catholics), has raised once more the question of the role of doubt in the life of faith. Are faith and . . . . Continue Reading »

First Things Issues (So to Speak)

A longtime subscriber has more than a decade of past issues of First Things ¯but lacks the shelf space to hold them. Ideally, he’d like to donate them to a library and only asks to be reimbursed for postage. If you know of a place that could put these issues to good use, email us at . . . . Continue Reading »

Anglican Confusion

No one can deny there is plenty of disagreement in the Anglican Communion, but right now straightforward confusion is carrying the day.Around the world, Anglican primates have been asking the Americans to provide the rest of the church with clarity about their position on gay bishops and same-sex . . . . Continue Reading »