“Call Me Blessed”

The project known as Evangelicals and Catholics Together is now in its thirteenth year¯following its initial statement, " The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium ," with much-discussed statements on salvation , Scripture , and the Communion of Saints . The group is currently . . . . Continue Reading »

The Brothers and Sisters of Jesus

The project known as Evangelicals and Catholics Together is now in its thirteenth year, following its initial statement, “The Christian Mission in the Third Millennium,” with much-discussed statements on salvation, Scripture, and the Communion of Saints. The group is currently engaged in . . . . Continue Reading »

Secular Feminism’s Path to Power

In 1968, Hillary Rodham was little more than an outsider in the Democratic party. Rodham was a member of a meritocratic elite in a mass party; a white-collar, mainline Protestant, suburban woman in a national party run by blue-collar, Catholic, urban men. In fact, her ties with the party were thin. . . . . Continue Reading »

Pumpkin Hurling

Every Columbus Daythe locals bring their chairsand watch a trebuchetlaunch pumpkins past a fortof tin, as engineersat play attempt to crushthe record for the sport of hurling giant squash .It must have been a shockwhen such a monster threwsilent rounds of rockinto the market squarehundreds of years . . . . Continue Reading »

Newman in the Modern Classroom

I really think learning should be optional, ma’am.” This statement comes from one of my ninth graders in response to yet another lecture of mine on how important it is for students to bring their literature books to class—a particular hurdle in my case because I teach at a military school. . . . . Continue Reading »