In the latest edition of First Things , editor Joseph Bottum discusses the future of the magazine and hints at the changes to come . Along with a revamped and redesigned website, we will be adding a range of new content offerings. Today, we are pleased to announce the first of these new features with the additions of two blogs, Postmodern Conservative and Icons & Curiosities.

Icons and Curiosities , a shopping blog hosted by contributing writer Sally Thomas and editor Joseph Bottum, explores the curious and kitschy subculture where religion meets consumerism. At Postmodern Conservative a cadre of intriguing bloggers grapple with the “interworkings of political life, public philosophy, and religious faith” in the age of postmodernity.

Let us know what you think about our changes and about how we can improve your online experience with First Things . Send your suggestions and recommendations to web editor Joe Carter at .

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