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God Spare Us SuperNanny

At the last judgment, when all the nations are gathered together, the book of life is opened, and the hidden counsels of each man’s heart are brought to light, I believe that it will be both to the glory of God and to the saints who have overcome their failings… . Continue Reading »

Curious George at the Jewish Museum

A young couple secures their meager luggage and mounts their bicycles. They are fleeing Paris, and they are escaping just in time. Two days later, the Nazis march in. The couple pedals quickly, covering seventy-five miles in three days. When they board a train to Lisbon, they breathe a sigh of relief. That is, until the authorities pull them aside… . Continue Reading »

An Open Letter to Hans Küng

The papal biographer writes Hans Küng to say, “your April 16 open letter to the world’s bishops, which I first read in the Irish Times, set new standards for that distinctive form of hatred known as odium theologicum and for mean-spirited condemnation of an old friend who had, on his rise to the papacy, been generous to you while encouraging aspects of your current work.” Continue Reading »

The May Issue is Here

Now available on newsstands and online”take a look at the latest issue of First Things ! You’ll find it’s brimming with innovative ideas you’ve come to expect. Take, for instance, the in-depth case economist Timothy Reichert makes about how the phenomenon of contraception has hurt women in work, relationships, and personal happiness. Or Michael Wyschogrod’s novel argument for a monarchy in Israel. Or Joseph Bottum’s concern about the “Bad Medicine” of Obamacare. You’ll also find the latest work of George Weigel, Robert Louis Wilken, and Mary Ann Glendon. Get it while it’s hot! Continue Reading »



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