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Life in Comics

If there is truth to the Christian artist’s claim that fiction is incarnational”that the spiritual significances of things must be not just enshrouded by but wedded to the fleshly movements of human characters”then might it not also be true that the portrayal of religious-minded characters is very often problematic? … Continue Reading »

Presumptuous Consent

Many more sick people need kidneys, hearts, and livers than there are kidneys, hearts, and livers to go around. This shortage is the result of both decreased supply and increased demand. For example, public safety laws requiring that motorists wear seat belts and motorcyclists helmets have reduced the kind of catastrophic head injuries that often lead to organ donation… . Continue Reading »

The Crude Moralism of Immigration Expansionists

Fair-minded Americans might not know what to make of the furor set off by Arizona’s recent law directed against illegal immigrants. The law requires state and local law enforcement officials to determine the immigration status of any individual whom they “stop, detain, or arrest” and about whose status they have a “reasonable suspicion.” This new law may not prove workable or effective, and it may not pass constitutional muster… . Continue Reading »

Redesigning First Things

This issue marks, as you may have already noticed, the redesigned layout of First Things. The blame for all this belongs solely to me, the editor, for I’m the one who decided that the old layout had grown tired and stale. There has been, over the twenty years of the journal’s history, something self-assured and unapologetic about the purity of the unaesthetic presentation”a declaration that text is what matters and visual frills are a weakness for others to indulge… . Continue Reading »

The Cost of Father Maciel

Cardinal Sodano has to go. The dean of the College of Cardinals, he has been found too often on the edges of scandal. Never quite charged, never quite blamed, he has had his name in too long a series of depositions and court records and news accounts”an ongoing embarrassment to the Church he serves… . Continue Reading »



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