Happy Monday! We have a lot for you today, so let’s dive in.

Over at Postmodern Conservative , Egypt’s fortunes are looking up, Lou Reed is still mourned , Patrick Deneen’s take on Tocqueville is still wrong , and Carl Scott wants to introduce you to Duke Ellington.

“Can we stay awhile with death ?” asks Maureen Mullarkey .

Peter Leithart encourages you to live for today (sha-la- lalalala ).

Dr. Boli brings you advice and a new installment of the Illustrated Edition .

Here at First Thoughts , Sandra Laguerta writes on saints , Claire Coffey on princesses , Betsy Childs on the power of specific need, Greg Forster on “perennial embarrassment David Barton,” and, finally, James R. Rogers has a post on polarized politics and the Civil War.

On the Square today, Timothy George sticks up for Charismatics, and R.R. Reno looks to Disraeli.

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