Happy Tuesday! Here’s what we have for you to read:

Over at Postmodern Conservative , Carl Scott takes a dim view of Marco Rubio, and Peter Lawler expands on the Burke–Strauss conference.

What Peter Leithart is reading about: the postmodern Prometheus, Calvin and Zwingli , Luther and Zwingli, Luther and Zwingli and the Eucharist , libertines , Fiddler on the Roof , glamour , skepticism , potlucks , Mandela , the development of doctrine , the objectivity of the sacraments, Galatians , and justification .

Dr. Boli brings us bumper stickers , a new installment of the Illustrated Edition , and an advertisement . He also gave an interview as the fictional Christopher Bailey, and is giving away a free copy of his book.

Here at First Thoughts , Matthew Schmitz reminds us that Xmas has a distinguished history, Philip Cary thought about otherness and logos , Mark Movsesian talked yoga and the First Amendment, Carl R. Trueman on being there, Dale M. Coulter writes on Advent and jazz , Collin Garbarino wonders what Mark Driscoll is doing, and Douglas Farrow responds to Stephen Webb’s criticism of his book. Finally, R. R. Reno remembers Edward Oakes.

On the Square today (and yesterday), Thomas G. Guarino also remembers Edward T. Oakes, William Doino Jr. reviewed Donna Tartt’s new novel, The Goldfinch (alternative take here ), Stephen Webb criticized Douglas Farrow’s Ascension Theology , and Patrick Toner took on a new biography of Norman Rockwell.

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