I’m here because I hated

Heedless worshipers of words but trust

A truth. I’ve known the eagle’s and the worm’s

Eye view, and am quite happy with one room

That’s not a cell, have watched my muscles

Slack my bones grown brittle, heard my stomach

Quease around an empty table. One forgotten

Cup crushed by the roadside, I head them talk

As though I am not.

Your call, Lord. I am ashamed

For you, who might stop up their mouths with dirt

Who dare to puff and dandle lies about me.

Mercy traces hate like lightning through orked limbs

Scorching leaf and root: they thought God was a tree,

Safe shelter from the winter thunderstorms.

I spoke too quickly when I cried forgotten.

I hear my thoughts above the clamored claims

Upon your year, and you reply: I trust that life

Lets life go on. When time’s up,

Life lets go.

Articles by Laurance Wieder