“Everyone talks about the proper role of religion in public affairs, but First Things is the only place in which a serious and illuminating exploration of that question can consistently be pursued. For that alone—not to mention its lively and provocative editorial comments— First Things is indispensable.”

-Norman Podhoretz, Commentary

First Things is the premier journal of Christian thought in America today – provocative, stimulating, and elegantly written. Reading First Things is essential to being well informed about major theological, philosophical, and political questions. I find it indispensable.”

-The late Charles W. Colson, Prison Fellowship Ministries

“I am amazed by the number of people who tell me they are reading First Things cover to cover. There seems to be a hunger for informed, intelligent, and sprightly discussion of the vast range of issues related to religion and public life issues central to the lives of Americans, but frequently relegated to the back pages, if at all, in other journals.”

-Mary Ann Glendon, Harvard University

“The debate about public policy is increasingly calling upon such formerly unfashionable notions as character and virtue and citizenship. The indispensable contribution of First Things is to remind America’s intellectuals that serious debate on these topics must confront the life of the spirit.”

-Charles Murray, Author

“The most serious and best religious publication in the entire English-speaking world and perhaps without rival in any language.”

- The late Michael Novak, Scholar and Author

“…the most important vehicle for exploring the tangled web of religion and society in the English-speaking world…”

- Newsweek

“Every young writer, I imagine, has their first intellectual magazine, whose essays and articles are devoured all the more greedily for being slightly over one’s head. Mine was First Things.”

- Ross Douthat, New York Times

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