On Taddeo di Bartolo’s “Triptych of the Madonna and Child”

From the January 2014 Print Edition

“Triptych of the Madonna and Child with Angel Musicians, St. John the Baptist, and St. Jerome”
(1400, in a Private Collection)
Her face is singularly simple, and His
Seems unaware of the inscription written
Across the scroll His hands unfold to us,
Words spoken to Moses from the burning bush:
“Ego sum Qui sum.” And “Venite ad Me.”
Jerome himself once said that to profess
Truly the triune mystery is to admit
We cannot comprehend it, nor does the mother,
It seems, nor Child. And yet we know the Child, Continue Reading »

Metaphysical Song

From the April 2006 Print Edition

First principle, Being’s pure act, Infinite cause Of finite fact, Essential being, Beyond our sight, Without which, nothing, Neither love nor light, Only through You Love’s infinite power Brings into being Atom and flower. Only through You, Infinite light Illuminates Both seen and sight, . . . . Continue Reading »