Start your week off right with some headlines and other items (not all tongue-in-cheek) from around the internet:

Canonization Images at Catholic Eye Candy

Advent Preview: Watchman, Tell Us, What the Heck Is That Blue-and-Yellow Explosion Meant to Be?

Unitarian Universalists Embrace Moral Ambiguity

Pill Makes Women Want Girly-Men?

We Have Met the Vampire, and He Is Us

Better Living Through Religion; or, Who Steps In When the State Can’t Do Everything?

Jury Still Not Out

Albania to Repatriate Mother Teresa

Rabbis Say No to Shabbat Elevators

Columbus Day Opinion Shocker: European Oppressors Go Home, Take Idea of University With You

Religious-Studies Major Not Losing Sleep Over Mojave-Cross Case

The Iliad: Sounds Like Interesting Read, Is It New or Something?

Old News: Rock Music Inspires Winners of Blake Prize for Religious Art

Replace Your Satanic Jack-O-Lantern With . . . Uh . . .

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