Here’s what I heard today from learned experts:

1. The relentless NRO campaign against Newt and for Romney is annoying and is probably helping Newt. Even the Pomocon campaign against Newt is probably helping Newt.

2. Newt can’t get the nomination because he’s just too ugly. My own opinion, as I said before, is that he got old without being rugged. But if physical beauty is the standard, Obama gets reelected easily.

3. The stupidest argument for Romney is that he’s electable: He’d blow the enthusiasm gap that Republicans now enjoy and lose respectably.

4. But Newt could lose so badly he might even give the House back to the Democrats.

5. My question: Taking Newt and Romney out, who should the Republicans nominate? Answer: Well, Bobby Jindal or Haley Barbour. But given they can’t possibly get it at this point, maybe we should give up on this one.

6. Give up! We’re actually ahead.

7. Somebody do something!

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